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When I put out a model call to model a new dress for our client closet and this beautiful Momma reached out to me, I was so excited to work with them! I knew this dress would look absolutely amazing on her!

Maternity Session Family

One of my favorite parts of every session is getting to know more about my clients, this session was no exception! They shared their story with me, and it made my heart so happy that I was able to create these beautiful images for them to cherish forever!

As a lifestyle photographer I like to lead the session with prompts opposed to actual posing! This creates candid, genuine moments. And I always love including older siblings in maternity sessions! This lets me capture adorable images like these above! Mr. C is so excited to be a big brother and he can't wait to meet his new brothers!

During Maternity sessions, capturing photos of mom with her other children is equally as important as capturing their baby bump. It's a chance to document the family's growth and the love that is already present in the family. These are photos that will be a cherished memory for the family and a reminder of the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming arrival! These are some of my favorites of this beautiful momma and soon to be big brother!

Maternity Session Big Brother holding ultrasounds

Just look at how proud this big brother is! He can't wait for the arrival of his baby brothers!

Including images with your spouse during your maternity session is a great way to capture the bond between you as parents or parents to be but it's also a great way to help them be involved in the pregnancy experience. These are just a few of my favorite poses with mom and dad at this session! They were so much fun and dad was willing to try anything I threw at them! That up close image of the ultrasound is one of my favorites!

Capturing mom by herself during a maternity session is a no brainer! This lets me capture the excitement she has over her newest bundle of joy, or in this mommas case bundles! Her twins are so lucky to have such an amazing mom, dad and big brother to welcome this into the world! I love including props of your choice during your session. In this mommas case it was this very special bear that means so much to their family and ultrasound pictures included both twins!

A must have shot of mom by herself is the twirl! And this Baltic born dress (which is in our Client Closet) was perfect! Mom absolutely nailed it too! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see behind the scenes videos and more from this amazing session!


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