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Maternity Session tips for every mama to be| Central Ohio Motherhood Photographer

Maternity Session Tips + FAQs

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Congratulations! Whether you just found out you are pregnant or already feeling like your due date is right around the corner! This is such an exciting time for parents to be! You are busy preparing the nursery and watching your bump grow right before your eyes. So now you are wondering when is the best time to schedule my Maternity session? Maternity sessions typically take place between 28-36 weeks (This depends on how much your showing, what stage of pregnancy you would like to capture. I recommend not scheduling too close to your due date, for obvious reason like babies have their own timelines!) I suggest reaching out to schedule your session around 16-20 weeks to make sure your photographer has available dates!

When should I schedule my session? It's time to schedule your session! I recommend reaching out no less than a month before you would like your session but the sooner the better! Figure out when you will be 28-36 weeks! I find 32-34 weeks to be the sweet spot (your bump isn't too big that you are super uncomfortable yet but still have an adorable bump!) What should I wear for my session? When choosing what you want to wear for your session, I recommend looking up inspiration and figuring out what look you love the most! I am always a sucker for long flowy dresses that show off the bump! We do have a client closet with several different styles to choose from! Here are just some of the ones we have available!

Who can join the session? Maternity sessions don't only have to include the parents! We love having older siblings join in on the fun! When including older siblings, I recommend starting with that part of the session first so the little ones don't get worn out waiting! We always have so much fun!

What should I bring to the session? Props are not required for your maternity session but it is always fun to include them! You can bring your ultrasounds, baby shoes, outfits, a teddy bear that is special to your family!

How long does the session last? Maternity sessions take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on a few factors! If you choose two outfits, include siblings etc.! Make sure you bring water and if you need it snacks! If you need breaks don't hesitate to ask! Amber Michelle Photography is a Central Ohio Motherhood Photographer who uses a candid, lifestyle approach to sessions! Are you ready to book your session? Contact us now!


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