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A guide to planning your next family session| Newark, Ohio Family Photographer

This is for all those mommas out there who want to schedule their next family session but aren't sure where to start! I will walk you through the steps of planning your family session and be with you every step of the way!

Step 1: Decide what time of year you want to do your session? Do you love the fresh flowers and bright colors of spring? A sucker for those summer sunsets or someone who like me has a love for those deep warm colors of fall? Maybe you want to do something fun and plan your session for the snow! Step 2: Once you have decided when you want to do your session it is now time to book your session! When booking make sure you do your research and find a photographer whose style fits what you are envisioning! (Make sure to check back for a post on photographer styles soon!) Do you love the bold colors and images full of emotions, someone who will guide you through your session with prompts and poses? If so, then it sounds like we would be the perfect match! You can contact me HERE to schedule your session! Step 3: This is one of my favorite parts! It is time to plan outfits and pick your location!! What style do you want for your session? Are you wanting something more casual, dressy, boho, grunge! Pick a style that fits your family and build from that but also take into consideration the location you will be using! You wouldn't want a relaxed beachy vibe for a session downtown! When you book your session with me I provide a style guide, walk you through choosing outfits for your session and provide access to our client closet! We will choose the perfect outfits to go with the perfect location to capture the vision you have! Do you have any favorite props or something that is special to your family you want to include in your session? Make sure to take these into consideration when planning outfits as well! This could be a musical instrument! One of my recent sessions dad brought his guitar! Or a special quilt that is important to your family that you would like to include! If you aren't sure how to incorporate it just ask! Step 4: About two weeks before your session I recommend everyone trying on their outfits, making sure you have shoes to match and if you are planning on fresh haircuts or colors now is the time to do it! This gives you time to make any adjustments needed and helps you feel better prepared! It also gives you time to fix any issues with haircuts or colors! Step 5: Session day is here! I always recommend feeding the little ones a snack before you leave the house! If you are worried about them getting their clothes messy leave a little early and give yourself time to change them on location. I will walk you through every step of your session! We will play games and make some amazing memories together! Step 6: Your session is over, now what? Breath! Take a big deep breath! You and your family did it! I know that sessions can be especially stressful for those planning them so take the time to celebrate making it through! Stop for ice cream or some other fun activity on the way home!

Newark Ohio Family Photographer

Every photographer will have a different timeline so I can only tell you what will happen after your session with me! My turn around time for non-wedding sessions is 2 weeks... BUT I do promise to deliver a sneak peek collage within 48 hours of your session! I know how hard waiting can be!

Newark Ohio Family Photographer

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